Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cool Kids!!

Welcome to The Miller Zoo.
Since all the cool kids are now bloggers, I figured I better start one!! Myspace and Facebook just aren't enough for me!! :)


John and Court said...

It's okay. I will allow you to be like me. All your wildest dreams will come true.

Miriam H said...

Yay!!!! Now I can see what your up to every week! Just don't be like some people and post every month.

Anonymous said...

Ok, can I just say first of all YOU HAVEN'T AGED A BIT...and second you look FAB!! I can't believe you just had a baby!!! You look amazing girl!! Your family is gorgeous. Thanks for the baby announcement. I have it on my fridge and I get compliments on it everytime. I am so excited you have a blog now. I can spy on you every day:)