Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Commander in Chief

Please please please go to Courtney's blog. Read what we are dealing with and what kind of president we now have.
To all of my friends that think this is ok, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU????


Anonymous said...

Oh, I think we are going to be ok. Just because I voted form Obama, doesn't mean I am for Abortion. Plus, if you look into it, McCains opinion on Abortion isn't that much different than Obama. When it comes down to it, Abortion (which is a serious sin I believe) is between the person and the Lord, and the Lord will punish that person when that time comes…I am not one to judge or force my opinion onto them….it’s called “Free Agency”. They are going to find a way to do it dangerously or safely. Either way, it’s wrong. They know exactly what they are doing.

I don’t' agree with everything Obama stands for nor do I agree with everything McCain stands for but that doesn't make me less of a Christian. I think Obama will bring a much needed change to this Country starting with the economy. People think we are going to be put through hell these next four years, if that's the case I think we would kick the president out of office before hand. Plus, we all know the President really doesn't have that much say in this country of ours (lol) I am waiting for Mitt Romney to make a come back in the next election. To tell you the truth, I wasn't impressed that much with either Canadite.

B and L said...

I wasn't impressed with either also. My post before this shows who I wanted and want in 4 years. We will all have to answer for our sins. I know McCain's side on abortion. Although he is not the one trying to say it is ok to murder a full term baby. Obama is the one breaking one of the ten commandments right in the country's face and 53% of people are over looking that. That, though, is just one of the many issues I don't agree with.

You're right, everyone does have a choice. I just think that they made the wrong one.